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Kaelyn Benton-Hooker


Hello, my name is Kaelyn Benton-Hooker. I am currently a third-year pharmacy student at Hampton University. I am a charter member of the Zeta Psi chapter and was initiated in spring 2019. My heart is in Washington DC, but my home is in Virginia. I currently hold the position of Sergeant of Arms and I’m also part of the international philanthropy committee. My “why Kappa Psi” was because I wanted to build lifelong relationships with like-minded people. However, through Kappa Psi I have done my “why” but I have also gained dozens of experiences and have been able to exceed my personal goals. In my spare time, I enjoy taking nature walks with my dog and traveling. Fun fact about me, I love the beach and anything related to water! 


Kaelyn Benton-Hooker

2020 Atlantic Province Treasurer

Previous Treasurers

2019: Alexis Nanni

2018: Dillon Frazier

2017: Joshua Leggette

2016: Kyle Brown

2015: Deven Jackson

2014: Joe Walker

2013: Habeeb Ashiru-Balogun