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Becky Kielminski


My name is Becky Kielminski and I am currently a PY2 brother who was initiated into the Beta Xi Chapter in November 2019 at UNC Chapel Hill. Over this last year, I have served as my chapter’s Chaplain and Philanthropy Chair. I wanted to join Kappa Psi in order to develop a network of fellow pharmacy students and pharmacists, as well as to improve my leadership skills and push myself out of my comfort zone. Kappa Psi has provided me with all of these opportunities and more, and joining this fraternity is one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

I am originally from a suburb of Chicago called Villa Park, IL. I attended Western Illinois University and graduated with a degree in Chemistry. I took a gap year to work full-time as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens before moving to North Carolina for pharmacy school. I currently work as an intern in the Pediatric Satellite Pharmacy in UNC Hospital, and I am very interested in pediatric pharmacy in addition to cardiology and oncology. In my free time, I enjoy playing tons of video games and streaming my gaming on Twitch, crocheting stuffed animals, and cooking and baking (a lot!). I am currently in the process of adopting a dog named Momo, and I am super excited! I have always grown up with dogs, but this will be my first dog of my very own and I literally cannot wait to bring her home! I look forward to serving as the Atlantic Province Treasurer this year and promise to do my best! Fraternally, Becky Kielminsk


Becky Kielminski

2020 Atlantic Province Treasurer

Previous Treasurers

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2019: Alexis Nanni

2018: Dillon Frazier

2017: Joshua Leggette

2016: Kyle Brown

2015: Deven Jackson

2014: Joe Walker

2013: Habeeb Ashiru-Balogun