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Kappa Psi 

Welcome to the 2020 Collegiate Brother Spotlights! 

Tate Messer - Epsilon Zeta

For the last Brother Spotlight of this term, Kappa Psi Epsilon Zeta (@kappa_psi_ez) would like to highlight the accomplishments of our brother, Tate Messer (@messertate23). Tate is a 2018 initiate of Kappa Psi Epsilon Zeta and a P3 student at BGCOP. Tate is a silent star of our chapter and upholds the values of this brotherhood through is actions daily. He is currently the operation immunization chair for our school’s APhA chapter and has stepped into this position after serving as the co-chair this past school year. He assists in whatever needs are presented to him and make us proud in the way he strives for high ideals daily. At his current job at a pharmacy intern at Walgreens, he is truly a team player and works along side pharmacists who are graduate brothers of Epsilon Zeta. This past winter, he volunteered to administer the college president annual flu shot to highlight the relationship and integration of our college of pharmacy with the rest of East Tennessee State University. Tate is an unsung hero in our chapter but, his dedication to his brothers and the profession of pharmacy does not go unnoticed. This year, he is stepping into the role of Sergeant of Arms for our chapter and we expect nothing but the best from this professional and welcoming member of our chapter.