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Semi Formal


A semi formal is held once a year for all pharmacy students and professors. Each person attending was allowed to bring as many guests as they would like. Each ticket was $25 if bought in advance and $30 the day of. The total night lasts about 5 hours, depending on the venue. We only hold this event once a year due to effort and cost.

Degree of effort:

Maximum effort. A lot of planning goes into this event.


Our venue cost $2,160, which included food and a bartender. The DJ cost $350 and a security officer cost $45/hour.

Limiting Factors:

Many venues were not available for the date we had initially planned for. The earlier you can book a venue, the easier it will be. This will also give you better prices to choose from.


We needed tickets and props for pictures. We have props from previous years, so there was nothing to buy for this. All tables and other supplies were provided by the venue.

Rundown and Pointers:


Get permission from the school for the date. Next be sure to book the venue, a DJ, and a security officer. Create and sell tickets for about 2 weeks before the date. Create props for pictures if needed.

Day Of/During

Arrive at least an hour early to set up props and a table to take tickets.

Someone needs to be at the door to take tickets. There is not much else to do during the event. The venue had a bartender who worked a cash bar and waitresses to clean up as people were done eating.


Cleaning up at the end is very simple for us. We just had to pack up the props. All other cleaning was handled by the venue.

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