Atlantic Province

Kappa Psi 

April Satrap's Corner

Brothers of the Atlantic Province,

At a time of substantial unease and challenge, I take great pride knowing that I am a part of a profession and a Fraternity that has continued to push through the obstacles placed in front of us.   Each of our Chapters and Brothers has made sacrifices and changes. The tasks at hand continue to be completed in a timely manner. In the face of what was once uncertainty, we all have modeled the resolve and perseverance to uphold recommended guidelines as they are updated and extended.  If you have not heard it yet or been recognized, I take this time to say thank you. Your courageousness has not gone unnoticed and you are not a forgotten hero. You are very much on the hearts and minds of the people‚Äôs lives that you continue to impact each day. The fact that you continue to push through gives many others a sense of normalcy and hope.  At this time, it is a renewed effort of the Atlantic Province Officers to magnify the things you do and maintain our sense of normal the best way we can. Keep in mind that we will continue to have changes, and you can look to this space and this website to find updates and links to valuable information as it becomes available to us. In addition to staying up to date, how else will the Atlantic Province maintain its sense of normal?  Here is what you can look forward to:

We will continue to spotlight the Brothers of our Province and at our Chapters who are highlighting the profession of pharmacy.  If you want to recognize the efforts of someone at your Chapter, we will be sending out monthly calls for nominations. Use this platform to let our Brothers know their efforts are not unnoticed.  Follow us on social media! @Kappa.psi.atlantic will continue to post stories and share efforts and good works of our Brothers throughout the term. Want to keep up with the stories of our Chapters and as they happen?  Use and follow the hashtag #kappapsiatlanticprovince. Official communications will still come from the Province email accounts and will be posted to the Province webpage. However, it is important that we uplift each other and maintain our light during the times it is needed most.  We will continue to utilize our GoToWebinar platform and move some functions to the digital space in anticipation of the changes that will come so that communication will not be lost. Although we face a challenge that is on the order of magnitude as healthcare challenges over a century ago, we have never been more capable to keep each other together while keeping each other accountable for how we must proceed moving forward.  I am honored to take these steps with you.


William Webb

Atlantic Province Satrap