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James E. Orban III


Hello everyone. My name is James E. Orban III and I am P4 student at the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy and a Fall 2018 Initiate of the Gamma Xi Chapter. In my time at Gamma Xi, I have held the positions such as 1st Vice Regent, Alumni Outreach Chair and Regent. At the province level, I have remained involved in the legislative committee.

I am originally from Holtsville, New York and since coming down to Columbia, South Carolina for school Kappa Psi has become a home for me. The best part about Kappa Psi for me is knowing that my brothers are always there for support whether it be any issues or to celebrate our accomplishments. Going to chapter is some of the best moments in KY as I can catch up with everyone.

I am interested in pursuing a residency with a focus on oncology acute care. A long term goal of mine would be to return to a classroom as a professor to share my experiences with new pharmacy students. A fun fact about me is that while in undergrad I worked at Madison Square Garden running data cables!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!


James E. Orban III

2022 Atlantic Province Satrap

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