Atlantic Province

Kappa Psi 

Welcome to the 2020 Collegiate Brother Spotlights! 

Madison Gillespie - Epsilon Delta

The Epsilon Delta chapter of the Kappa Psi Atlantic Province ( @kappa.psi.epsilondelta ) would like to nominate Madison Gillespie for the brother spotlight. Madison has been an integral part in keeping our chapter moving smoothly during these uncertain times. She has spent an incredible amount of time and effort making sure every brother is kept up to date on what needs to be done when everyone is spread across the country in quarantine. Holding virtual meetings for new officers to brief them on their newfound responsibilities, always willing to answer any question without hesitation on what needs to be done and what to look for moving forward. As she moves into her final year of rotations we are eager to see how much impact her steadfast nature and willingness to help carries her into a future pharmacy career.