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Kappa Psi 

Welcome to the 2019 Collegiate Brother Spotlight!

Katie Rapp - Delta Lambda


Brother Katie Rapp is a Fall 2017 initiate of the Delta Lambda.

Brother Rapp's leadership roles:

In Kappa Psi, I was the Recording Secretary as well as a member of the service committee, and eventually I took over as chair. For other organizations, I was the treasurer for SCCP and secretary for SSHP. Additionally, I was a project lead for a research project with one of our professors.

Some of Brother Rapp's accomplishments are:

I have presented a poster at ASHP Midyear, and will be presenting another poster at the ACCP Annual meeting this October in addition to a pending publication.

Continue reading below to get to know a little bit more about Brother Katie Rapp! 

Q: Why did you choose pharmacy?

A:  I enjoy learning about the chemistry behind medications and applying that knowledge in clinical situations.

Q: Why did you choose Kappa Psi?

A:  I had very positive interactions with brothers at the rush events. They made me feel welcome and like I would be a valued member.

Q: What are your future plans?

A:  I will be applying for residency this year, and want to do something with nutrition support pharmacy, such as neonatology or critical care. I also plan on adopting a golden retriever puppy as soon as I finish with residency and start my career.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

A:  I was born in Germany, I love to bake (especially cupcakes), and my favorite color is teal.

Q: How has Kappa Psi positively influenced your life and/or career?

A:  Throughout my time as a collegiate, I have become more in touch with who I am through various challenges/situations that have made me a better, stronger version of myself. I have learned to speak up for what I believe, even if it isn’t the popular opinion. I have had opportunities to take on responsibilities that I never had before. Additionally, Kappa Psi has brought me friendships that I will cherish for years to come.

Q: What inspired or motivated you to begin the activities for which you are being recognized?

A:  Other than monetary donations, I really felt like our chapter could benefit from more involvement with Reach Out and Read. I decided to run for service chair so I could make the changes that I felt to be important. Although I wasn’t able to achieve everything I initially wanted, the awarding of the service grant allowed us to start increasing our involvement with Reach Out and Read.

Q: Did you face any challenges along the way? If so, how did you overcome them?

A:  The day before our Book Bingo event, I got a call from our regent that the fire department did not have our event on their calendar. I went down to speak with the chief, and it turned out that although our event did not make it onto the calendar when I initially requested we would be able to still use the fire department as planned.