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KappaBall is an organized 5-on-5 basketball tournament held in the evening for both students and faculty. The tournament begins in the early evening once classes are done for the day as to allow the faculty and students time to prepare for the event. The event generally lasts between 4-6 hours depending on the number of teams signed up. Each game consisted of two 20 minute halves (total of 40 minutes). All college basketball rules apply (including 35 second shot clock if possible) and brothers with knowledge of the game officiated. The event was held at the school gym at no cost to us. The cost to play was $50 per team (we allowed the faculty team to play for free and gave each of them t-shirts) with the winning team being awarded a trophy and t-shirts. A successful evening where 6 teams participated yielded roughly a $200 profit. A great aspect of this fundraiser is that it only requires minimal effort to plan and organize. We’re considering modifying the tournament to 3-on-3 half court games at $30 per team next year. This would allow teams to play more games and a $30 charge seems less intimidating for players who aren’t as experienced.

Degree of effort:

Minimal to set up and promote. Most of the work is done the evening of the event.


Buying t-shirts (roughly $50-$75), trophy ($10-20), water/gatorade and snacks ($20)

Limiting Factors:

Timing and location. The time must be appropriate so that faculty and students can attend with minimal hindrance on their schedules. Location should have at minimum two basketball courts. Also, brothers who have knowledge of the game can officiate, otherwise accost will be incurred to hire referees.


Basketballs (supplied by gym), drinks and snacks for spectators, whistles for referees, t-shirts for winning/faculty team

Rundown and Pointers:


Meet with gym and get permission to hold event at location. Make a detailed list of items required and possible costs. Choose an appropriate date, one where no exam or assignment is due the next day if possible. Promote event through tabling, printing out flyers, meeting with faculty, and publishing in weekly class e-mails.

Day Of/During

Arrive on site at least an hour prior to even to set up table for donations, an area for spectators to watch, and to make sure the courts are in good condition.

Assign certain brothers to be in charge of snacks or officiating games


Award winning team with t-shirts and trophy, take pictures of all teams to post on our website, thank everyone for coming out to participate.

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