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Giving Thanks Potluck


A potluck is held during lunchtime on campus that offers a variety of food selection with any theme the chapter decides on (Giving Thanks was chosen based on Thanksgiving holiday). Discuss among the brothers of the chapter: the potluck may be home-cooked, from elsewhere, or both . Cost is $5 per plate for each person who signs up. If agreed upon the chapter, brothers who contribute may eat for free, because most likely the contribution is worth $5 or more (especially if home-cooked). Pick a time and date most convenient for everyone. Aim for a holiday time and after exams since people can relax and more likely enjoy their food.

Degree of effort:

Medium to high; most importantly teamwork effort. Requires time and several weeks of planning ahead in order to advertise and draw in more people to sign up.


Depending on each brother’s dish – around $5 to $20 per contribution. If buying instead of cooking, can range around $50-$100 overall (depending on how many people). Always make sure to prepare a bit more than the # of participants who've signed up, just in case there are people who pay at the door to eat. Make sure to have an appropriate amount of main dishes.

Limiting Factors:

If home-cooked, chapter funds may be used to buy extra food/supplies if there are limited amount of brothers willing to prepare dishes – look at this based on sign-up sheet.


Plates, napkins, forks, spoons, cups, drinks, food, cleaning supplies, crockpots (best for home-cooked meals).

*Don’t forget to offer desserts!

Rundown and Pointers:


Get permission from GCD and school. Start planning at least 2-4 weeks ahead. Have an exact date, time, and location. PROMOTE and send email with flyer and sign-up link (example: Google doc) and provide Treasurer name for payment. If outside catering, provide ahead the list of food on flyer. Check sign-up weekly to get estimate # of people. If home-cooked potluck, make a separate link for brothers to update any contributions.

Day Of/During

Have food ready at location around 1 hour prior to the starting time. Have list of sign-up ready to check off/collect payments.

Treasurer will collect/keep track of payments


Several brothers should be available to help clean up. Make sure to leave the area clean.

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