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Welcome to the 2020 Collegiate Brother Spotlights! 

Erica Hicks - Zeta Xi

Erica Hicks is a Zeta Xi Collegiate Chapter's Brother Spotlight. Brother Hicks is a P1 student at South College School of Pharmacy. She has a passion for traveling and helping others in need. Prior to starting pharmacy school, she was a respiratory therapist for 6 years. Recently, she traveled to New Orleans to assume this role during this COVID-19 pandemic. New Orleans was one of the areas hit hard by the pandemic, due to lack of access to healthcare. As the hospitals became full and healthcare workers became sick and overworked, there was a need for anyone who had licensure to help. Erica learned about the opportunity on a Saturday night around 11pm and caught the next flight the following morning. Her role was to make sure that her patients would be able to continue to breath and watch for any signs of distress or decline in the patient. She also helped access patients' need for supplemental oxygen and discharge patients that were doing better. Erica is a selfless person, whom loves putting others' needs before her own. Not only has Erica volunteered during the COVID-19 pandemic, but she also spends her breaks from school on Medical Mission trips. Keep up with the great work Erica! We are all so very PTBYB!