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Engraved Mortar and Pestles


For the past two years, Gamma Xi has sold engraved, marble mortar and pestles that are personalized to the buyer. The engraved mortars are sold with our colleges logo on them for $40, or a personalized message can be added to the top or bottom lip of the mortar for a total of $45 for the mortar. A typical message on the top lip would be: Dr. John Doe, or John Doe, PharmD. And a message for the bottom lip would typically read: Class of 2017. You may offer to gift wrap the mortar and pestle, as they make great Christmas gifts. The end product is a quality decorative desk piece. 

Degree of effort:

Minimal work, just need to find a trophy shop to engrave the mortars.


We have bought mortar and pestles online for around $8 dollars a set, and trophy shops typically charge $5 for each face that is engraved. So if a buyer wants both the top and bottom lip engraved, the total cost to procure and prepare the mortar is $23.

Limiting Factors:

Price may seem steep to potential buyers, but what each chapter charges is up to their discretion. A good target for this would be the parents of pharmacy students at the incoming classes white coat ceremony.


Mortar and pestles (bought online), Gift wrap, Nearby trophy shop

Rundown and Pointers:


Buy a few more mortar and pestles than are needed, just in case there are engraving flaws. Have a photo of your college’s logo ready to email to the trophy shop.

Day Of/During

Potentially have some on display


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