Atlantic Province

Kappa Psi 

Cook Off


Choose a food theme (chilli, salsa, queso, any food at all) and ask Brothers and students in the school alike to submit entries. Have participants pay a small amount ($3-5) to taste test all of the entries, and vote on the best entries. 

Degree of effort:

Minimal- just advertisement in the school, reserving location, having power if the food needs to stay warm. We did queso/salsa, so we provided chips for the $3-5.


Nothing if you are just providing the “taste test”.

Limiting Factors:

Number of people willing to prepare a dish is the biggest. We had gift cards for the top 3 entries to encourage participation.


Tables, power strip (maybe), crock pots (depending on the food)

Rundown and Pointers:


Plan how to keep food hot/cold at the school until the event; Advertising

Day Of/During

Table set up

Monitoring that people don't take huge serving sizes


Clean up

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