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"Class of" T-Shirts

Background: After the incoming College of Pharmacy class roster is finalized, our school holds several advising sessions for the new students. At these sessions, organizations are allowed to provide handouts about themselves (membership, goals, involvement, etc.) as well as items to sell. Here at Gamma Phi, we sell "Class of" t-shirts with the names of each student in the coming class. Cost for each shirt  is $6-9 depending on color choices and we normally sell the shirts for $15-18. We promote the shirts via handouts, email (before classes start through the first two weeks of school), and by passing around order forms with a proof daily for the first two weeks. Typically we sell around 100 of these shirts and profit in the neighborhood of $800. This is a very low-stress fundraiser that allows us to make a little money and also get to know the incoming class better. New students are typically very excitable about these shirts and selling them is easy.

Degree of effort: Minimal. We have the shirt designed, Brothers collect order forms at orientation and then hand the shirts out. It is not a big time commitment.

Investment: We have the shirts printed locally and they charge $6-9 per shirt depending on the colors we use (typically we use one color and it costs $7). We will also need to pay for printing, a cost that normally lands around $100.

Limiting Factors: They are minimal but the biggest barriers are having Brothers to maintain an accurate order form and ensuring to pass out the shirts correctly.

Supplies: Order forms and proofs.

Rundown and Pointers:


Promote the shirt via email and handouts for the students to see. They tend to purchase these shirts during orientation and after white coat ceremony so it is important to promote them well beforehand.

Day Of/During

Have shirts ready to hand out; normally we have one two Brothers set up for two hours in the College’s lobby to hand them out (one to distribute, the other maintains the list.


Double check the order form to ensure everyone got their shirt. Typically after you hand them out you don’t run into problems.

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