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Chili Cook Off


A Chili cook-off between different pharmacy fraternities/ student organizations on campus. Each fraternity or student organization makes their own version of “Chili” to be served on the day of the competition. In the interest of time, the Chili will be made in advance and not prepared from the scratch at the site. The tickets for the competition will be sold a week or two before the competition. This will allow the participating organizations to estimate the amount of Chili to prepare.

Degree of effort:

Moderate. Some research is necessary to come up with a recipe. The actual chili is prepared the night before the event. On the day of the event, few people will be needed to set up the table, check tickets and manage crowd.


Cooking supplies and recipe items. Cost varies depending on the recipe. Our cost for the event was around $180. Tickets were sold at $5 each. At the end of the event, our profit was a little over $200.

Limiting Factors:

Appropriate location and adequate space.


Tables for set up. Paper plates, spoons/forks, napkins. Water bottles.

Rundown and Pointers:

Location and timing is important. As many students have work or other commitments after classes, it would be best to host the event in between classes/before classes and near the classroom for maximum attendance.


The first step is to get permission from the school. Do your best to publicize the event. Divide the work. Help will be needed for cooking, setting up/ take down, publicizing the event, collecting payments, checking tickets and managing the crowd. Make sure everyone knows what they are responsible for to avoid confusion during the big day. Active participation from all brothers is necessary to make this successful.

Day Of/During

Arrive early and allow adequate time to set up.

Know your assigned role and be prepared.


Thank the attendees for their participation and start cleaning up.

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