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Brick Drive


This is good for Chapters that have Chapter Houses, or other permanent locations. Many companies (we used Bricks-R-Us) hold engraved bricks fundraisers. People (Brothers, Alumni) submit orders through the website, the website engraves the brick and then sends the order of bricks to the Chapter. 

Degree of effort:

Medium- there isn’t major effort on the part of Brothers besides advertising to Alumni and others to purchase the brick. Setting up the website, determining what kind, shape, style, and shade of brick to order, determining pricing and planning how to display the bricks (patio, walkway, wall, etc.) does take time and effort.


Some companies have the Brothers send you the check, and then you send the final total cost of the engraving to the company, so, there is no upfront costs associated with this fundraiser.

Limiting Factors:

Engraved bricks can go for $150-200 for some organizations, but it is tricky determining how much you can charge Brothers and still have a successful sale.


Depending on how you are laying the bricks (patio, walkway, laying yourself or hiring a professional) will require different costs/supplies.

Rundown and Pointers:


Choose a brick supplier, determine your prices, advertise to your intended audience, having in mind what your end goal for the bricks is

Day Of/During


This can be a continuous fundraiser over multiple years

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