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Bingo Night


Previews can be held during common hours (ie: lunch hour) where you have very small prizes and do about 5 games to be people interested.

Main event: plan 2 hours to host the event. Can do about 17 games regular bingo and some themed for your school. Can also presale dinner tickets and bake a meal that can be made in large quantities to sell there (ie: spaghetti, chili, hotdogs, etc)

Could expand the event to be more themed - costume contest (bingo themed), prizes for submission of best bingo puns to be used by host ( ie: “B9, as in that tumor is benign”), etc to draw bigger crowd.

Degree of effort:

Minimal if delegate tasks

Enjoyable low effort event. Fun to just come hang out and win cool prizes.


Time: procuring prizes that are < $10 for each game winner.

People to man the event - take money for bingo cards and food

Limiting Factors:


Ability to generate interest


Bingo cards/ cage & balls

Faculty or other popular person at the school to be the hose (ie: call out the letters/numbers)

Prizes (must be < $10 or else you have to buy a license, must have one for each game)

Food: people to make it, supplies to bake it (materials, what to bake it in, serving utensils, plates, etc)

Rundown and Pointers:


coordinate people to bake food/ transport it; create flyer/fb event, email announcement advertising the event, decide on bingo formats (ie: regular, black out, four corners, etc), coordinate host, get change in case people pay in large bills

Day Of/During

keep count of money made 

transport materials to location


throw away trash (bingo cards, plates/utensils etc., clean up food)

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