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Apparel Sale


An apparel fundraiser is a great way to raise funds and also give your brothers a chance to deck themselves out in great looking Kappa Psi gear. With a little cooperation from you school you can also offer this fundraiser to the rest of the student body.

Degree of effort:

A lot of the work for this event goes into planning an organizing. Having adequate help makes organizing much easier and having a good relationship with your supplier helps a lot.


The only money required is the cost to obtain the apparel from the supplier. This cost can be negated if you have customers order and pay for the shirts and then send the order to your supplier.  

Limiting Factors:

To be able to market to the rest of your school/community you need to have permission from your school administration to use school logos in any of your designs. You’ll have to try to keep costs down as much as possible or else you’ll have to depend on selling a high volume.


Money bag, order forms, binder with available designs, and a table to set everything up on the day of the event. Old grocery bags work great to be able to bag everyone’s orders before you deliver them.

Rundown and Pointers:


First you need to find an apparel supplier that will work with you. Ask what kind of deals you can get and see if you can get increased discounts as your volume goes up. Make sure to let them know up front what the latest date is that you’ll need to have the order in by. Then you will have to look at the prices you were quoted and come up with prices of your own, $3-$5 markup per item will be a good range.

A good idea would be to have this event late in the fall and market generalized school gear, then you can push the items as a good idea for a Christmas gift.

Day Of/During

Make sure there are adequate order forms and binders with pictures of the designs. Typically you would want to set up in the lobby with order forms Mon-Fri of one week with about 2-3 brothers present. Having online order forms are a great idea as well.

Have brothers present to help people with the ordering process. Have one brother in charge of handling money and keeping track of who has paid for their order.


Have the chapter treasurer send out payment to the supplier and have the fundraising committee assist in organizing individual orders once the apparel shipment comes in. Then deliver the orders at school once they are sorted.

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